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The first biometric, data-driven mental well-being monitoring and management program offering your employees personalised recommendations for health and performance

ilumen™ provides data-driven feedback to help employees take an active role in their own mental well-being. By providing those in your organisation with the tools to understand the difference between a bad mood and a potentially serious health threat, you strengthen and support, empowering greatness from within. Help build the strength of your workforce bringing science, not stigma, to the conversation around mental well-being and improving the lives of all that work to make your organisation a success.


  • Employee access to ilumen™
  • Mental wellness survey and assessment
  • Biometric monitoring with history tracking
  • Individual results delivered to participants’ device
  • Personalised results-based recommendations including access to wellness resources
  • Communications toolbox for rollout
  • Organisational dashboard analytics
  • Recommendations for employer

Mental Health is one of the leading causes of disability worldwide

- World Health Organisation
3 steps to help employees manage mental wellness


User downloads the ilumen™ app and/or visits the ilumen web platform to complete a series of questions to assess their mental wellbeing. Participants may repeat the assessments every two weeks to monitor their progress.


ilumen™ allows individuals to track assessment data and biometric data like sleep, activity and important heart-rate metrics by connecting a wearable device (optional)


ilumen provides a ‘well-being snapshot’ that screens for early symptoms of depression, anxiety and stress. The user can monitor and make improvements over time. If an employee is assessed as ‘high risk’ they receive a personalised email with guidance and recommendations.

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